Messy Beautiful

Today I got to see one of my favorite people from treatment and it made me realize how much I genuinely miss it, as crazy as it sounds. The people, the safety, the understanding, and the freedom to be authentic. You might say, “But you have the freedom to be authentic in your day to day life outside of treatment too!” Which is true in theory but sometimes day to day life lacks the safety and understanding that one grows accustom to in treatment. Life is so uncertain and it’s scary at times to put yourself out there. Uncertainty is the bane of my existence I swear but at the same time life wouldn’t be worth living if you knew exactly what was going to happen in the end. 

It would be like reading the last chapter of a book to start then going back to the beginning. You already know how it ends so what happens in the middle is totally useless. 
What happens in the middle is your life though and that’s not useless. It’s important. It’s everything.

So don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from letting your story unfold. It’s might be messy but it’s your life and it’s beautiful just the way it is. 

And so are you.

Tay xoxo


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