Strength in numbers

“Today, and every day, I hope you choose to surround yourself with people who call you to your greatness. Those that want to see you succeed. Those that want you to be bold, strong, and successful. Those that call you out on your shit and lovingly nudge you to the edge of your comfort zone. They want you to make your mark on this world and they believe wholeheartedly in your work. Why? Because when you succeed, we all succeed. When you choose to share your light, the whole world becomes infinitely brighter.” -Danielle Doby @iamhertribe on Instagram 

Reflecting on 2015 made me realize how fortunate I was in terms of my friendships. Most of the year was dedicated to either struggling with or fighting my eating disorder. 

A few of my closest friends encouraged me to seek treatment this year and stood by me while I rediscovered myself. 

My best friend handled being completely shut out of my life for two months because I was afraid that without my eating disorder our friendship didn’t exist. 

I feared that with all of my friendships actually.

Now, I know that I actually have more room in my life for friendships because of my recovery. I have the time and space to heal the wounds I’ve inflicted on my friends because they had to watch me slowly kill myself through the years. But they never left my side, well the real ones didn’t at least. 

Sometimes these amazing people I choose to surround myself with believe in my recovery more than I do. That’s something I need though. When the days are hard I need someone to hold my hand and tell me I can do it. They really do call me to my greatness and that greatness is full recovery from my eating disorder. 

I am so much stronger because of them. They hold me up when I am too weak to stand on my own. I draw strength from them daily and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn’t be alive to share my experiences with you if it wasn’t for them. My strength comes from numbers, not the number on the scale or the number on a nutrition label, but the number of people that love and support me unconditionally.

With the wonderful support system I have created over the last 6 months, how is fully recovery not possible? 


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