A boy and a life

I should really apologize for my absence but there are two reasons why I won’t be doing that. 

1) I’m not sorry that I’ve been out living my life and haven’t had time to sit down in front of my phone or computer to write an update.

2) I’ve found myself dwelling on recovery and making that all my life is about. As important as recovery is, it’s equally as important to remember we are all more than just recovering from an eating disorder.

With all that being said, I met a boy. An amazing boy. A boy who has a passion for dogs that rivals mine. A boy who killed time before a movie at half price books. A boy that will read a cheesy Nicholas Sparks book for me. I really like this boy y’all and he really likes me. So I’ve stepped outside of my recovery bubble and into the world of budding relationships. It’s new and scary but I think I’m starting to find hope instead of fear in the unknown.

I don’t know how serious this is or how long it will last but I’m just taking it day by day. And I’m smiling more. Meaning it more. Enjoying everyday a little bit more than the last.

I’m living this crazy beautiful life in a way that I haven’t in 11+ years. In a way I never thought I would and I’m so grateful, grounded, and centered. 

I may not love every single day but I do find something to love in every day. And that’s enough. I’m enough.

And that’s why I haven’t had time for blogging and updates. I hope you all understand 🙂


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